Episode 2 – Strangers No More

It was Saturday. The morning turned out to be a quiet one, sprinkled with the chores of updating some university work and light cooking. It was almost 3pm when Jane felt her phone buzz, bringing in a message from the new name – ‘Sam’ on her contact list.

Her eyes lit up to see the text message. And at the same time Jane’s mind started wondering how a simple ‘hello’ could elicit such a response in her. Ignoring her inner discussion drama, she picked up the phone to reply with a ‘Hello from Berlin’.  Sam promptly replied, asking Jane about her day and telling her that he was just about to leave for Seattle for a get-away with some old friends. (Note : He was in the US on Pacific Time – so his time was almost 7 am).

The day progressed with an exchange of texts almost throughout the day, easing into a conversation, getting to know each other. This was the first time they were talking, complete strangers on two parts of the world, separated by 5000 miles and 8 hours of time difference. To Jane, it was unlike anything that she had done previously. Not because she hadn’t talked to guys before, she definitely had but something felt different this time. There was a sense of familiarity that she felt but couldn’t recognise. She was looking forward to fathom some more.

Big cities, friends and outings – the next day was busy for both of them.

Jane was out the whole day and it was almost 11pm by the time she was returning home. She was waiting at the bus stop. The street was deserted and a cold harsh wind was blowing.  To put her mind off the surroundings, she started checking her phone – going through her and Sam’s conversation. It does sound strange, but that somehow made her feel warm inside. She texted Sam and at the same time his text came in. It was a weird coincidence. Jane couldn’t help but smile. But reading his text Jane conceived that Sam wasn’t in the best of his moods. She contemplated if she should ask him if it’s so and why but then it was just the second day of ‘knowing each other’ and she felt if it would be a little too much. But the little ‘Miss Intuition’ in her wouldn’t let it go and forced her to write the text asking him if he was low and why. To much of her surprise, he replied he was feeling a little blue, but how on earth did she figure that out! The text was just a mundane one-liner. Even for Jane it was a surprise. How did she pick that up? The idea of ‘familiarity’ loomed on her again, and somewhere in her mind it made her believe that this was something not to be taken lightly.

The days kept going by and they started bonding over various interests they shared – ranging from the very common – love for traveling to the not-so-common Lebanese cuisine. A beautiful long-distance friendship was growing. Stories, and pictures were regularly exchanged, telling each a little more about the other. One thing had seen a surge in both of their lives for sure – Happiness.

A blissful week had gone by, but they hadn’t seen each other yet. Not that it was immediately possible, what with the 5000 miles between them. But it’s the 21st century so there’s still some hope. The following Saturday, Sam proposed the idea of using one of the best inventions in human history – Skype.

(My dear readers, you must be wondering why do the significant moments happen just on weekends in this story?  That’s because our dear Sam works in one of those big companies where work-within-schedule has lost all meaning. It’s only work,work and more work all the time. Thus poor Sam has some time for himself only on weekends, if he’s lucky enough, but sometimes cruel reality takes those away too).

Jane wanted to see Sam too. The guy who feels so familiar, the guy with who random interests collide, the guy with who talking is second-nature – she wanted to see if all of this was for real. Of course one Skype meeting wasn’t going to say it all, but it would open a window to knowing the person better.

So Jane agreed but playfully asked Sam if she should consider it a date? Though the reason their conversation had initiallly started was the so called wedding matchmaking but in the last week neither had mentioned any of it. To her question, Sam vehemently replied – ‘Of course it’s a date!’

So the time and place was set, Skype was set  – the big first date was ready to happen!


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