When The Mind Becomes A Scary Place

It was not one of those dreams that scares you in sleep or increases your heartbeat and vanishes just as you wake up. This dream was here to make an impression.


Sleeping in Motel 6 in Chicago, it’s a very normal lazy morning – I have no idea why the claws of such a horrific dream would clutch my mind. Accounting it, I remember it was a very long one. All along, it had an eerie and sinister feeling. The days were dark and cloudy, just like the real weather outside. The days were a kind I didn’t know existed. The world seemed like a different place. It was more of a hippie hangout joint but not with the usual cool and aloof vibe, but instead edging on the dangerous and bad. I saw myself somewhere in a hostel. And then in various other places, clicking pictures of myself.

Moving towards the end, I knew there were mass killings going on. People were burned to death. Couldn’t find the actual reason why. The first scene was getting stuck in a jam, where the cars had simply refused to budge. I was with someone in the car, I had a feeling I knew him but I don’t remember who it was. I could feel our cars heating, the atmosphere in the whole city was tensed and scary. People were worried that they would be next. Suddenly I recognised the driver in front of our car, he was an old friend. I walked up to his car to enquire about the situation, but he just motioned me to get away from the car. The car felt very hot when I touched it. There was no time. Just as I moved a little farther from the car, it burst into flames. And then suddenly one by one all the cars on the road started to burn. I didn’t know how I had managed to get away from that. But next I found myself in another place.

It was a different house but it felt like my home. There were talks in the air that it was going to be our day today. I was so scared. With every passing moment, the moment started to feel more real. I tried everything to keep feeling as normal as I could. However, the house had started to heat up. I knew this was the first sign. Everyone around seemed pretty aware and calm about the whole situation. My husband was walking around the house like it was just another day. The TV had started rolling out news about how people were dying. My husband told me it was time to accept it, we couldn’t fight it anymore. My heart was beating like crazy, how could this be it? I was promised to live so many dreams, I questioned God how could this be the end? And an end like this. Waiting for the body to be blistered in the fire, burnt and hurt, and dying in that pain..how? I realised I had started crying by then. I was crying hard. There was just one thing that I wanted to do then. Say a goodbye to my parents who were far far away. I didn’t want to call them on phone, I didn’t want to scare them and didn’t want to make it any more hard for anyone. I just wanted to let them know how much I loved them. I  typed the text to my mom saying I love her and so many more things. Just as I was writing my text to my Dad, my phone started acting quirky. The time was very close now,  I could feel my fingers going numb. The message was being typed to someone else, it was all wrong. I could feel the urgency and it was driving me crazy. Just when I got the text right, the lady loomed in front of the bedroom door. My husband and I were sitting on the bed facing the door, me hunched over his back, holding him tight, with our reflections in the mirror which was just beside the door. The lady informed us that it was time. And I started shouting, “I am not ready for it … how could I be? How?”  It was breaking my heart and soul. Why did this happen? And in the last moments the thoughts that I had were of my parents.

The unseen door was about to open now and I was standing on the threshold, bruised and hurt, with red eyes and tear-stained cheeks.

Suddenly I woke up. Scared to death. For real.


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