Episode 5 – And It Is Done!

The long road home finally reached its end, but the tempest that was rumbling inside Jane was far from coming to a close. She searched for her keys inside her pockets. She couldn’t wait to go to her room and let go. She had been holding on for too long now.


Once inside the room, she shut the door and sat on her bed. The black cloud of disappointment above her head only seemed darker. Tears started rolling down her cheeks, as she felt the fury and sorrow hit her on the face. Jane finally noticed her phone which had been lying on the table all day before she had left for the embassy (The embassy didn’t allow phones). It was filled with texts from Sam and her family, that said they were desperately waiting for the news.

Who should she begin with! She wondered. She wanted to talk to Sam but those were the wee hours of the morning for Sam, he must be sleeping and she didn’t want to wake him up to a bad news as this. So she had to wait.

She thought about her Mom and called her. Just listening to her voice made Jane calm. After she told her Mom the whole story, she felt the darkness subside a little. Mom was sympathetic and assured Jane that it will be all okay, being the epitome of affection and love that she was. They had a long talk. Jane wanted to believe all that she said, but it was still hard.

Her insides churned as she wondered how would Sam react? Would they ever be able to meet? Or was Sam right and her conviction wrong? Was this the end?  Was this just a fleeting-time of ‘feeling good and high hopes’ then? Her mind started conjuring up all kinds of crazy ideas. She couldn’t think anymore. She was tired. She lay on her bed hugging herself and prayed that slumber would take over.

Almost two hours had passed, when suddenly Jane woke up to her phone ringing. It was Sam. She let the phone ring for a while, while she gathered her thoughts on how to break the news to him. Finally she picked up. Sam sounded worried. He asked why had she not called or left a text, if everything was okay?  Jane told him.  Sam was silent for sometime. Jane waited with bated breath, wondering what would he say. Finally Sam spoke, and his words were : “Don’t worry. It will be okay. I promise you that I will come to Europe. We will meet”.  Jane couldn’t believe her ears. She was feeling so vulnerable all through the day that listening to those words, the waterworks could’t stop themselves. Sam didn’t stop her but held the line, listening to her patiently when the words came. Eventually after the tears had dried, she explained the whole incident to Sam. He wasn’t amused. He was furious at the embassy and wished hard that he could give Jane a tight hug and tell her not to worry. Sam felt sorry that she had to go through all that craziness alone. Sam assured her that they would soon start making the Europe plans.

Something had changed that day. Surely life had closed a big door on their faces that fateful day, but it had cracked open a crevice in both the hearts which was enough to let the light of love pass through. Sam was determined more than ever to meet Jane. No matter the distance or circumstances, he wanted it. Wanted to meet the person who took up this incredible challenge, was crushed and still didn’t give up. The person who was thousand of miles away, but had started to mean so much. The person whose tears hurt him. It sounded insane, but Sam didn’t care anymore. He wouldn’t give up now. This situation had to be remedied.

And so began the search for tickets to Europe.

While Europe plans were being discussed about, feelings of fondness were blooming with each passing day. The waiting for texts became more pleasurable. Waiting for one to wake up before the other went to sleep, so that the day could start and end together had become inevitable. Skype had become an integral part of two lives, wanting to see each other even through the eyes of a machine was gratifying. There were  times when either of them wanted to say things, things that the other wanted to hear but they would fall short of words. Still they held on. Relishing every moment of their virtual togetherness, nourishing the untold love that was growing.

One fine day, out of the blue, Sam received a letter from Jane – an exquisitely beautiful with ‘made-to-perfection’ artwork hand-written letter. They had been talking everyday, but not once had Jane mentioned it. The cover of the letter said, “Since I couldn’t be there, the letter had to be there”. All the way from Germany, a letter to the United States. Sam was largely surprised and touched. More than that, he was blown away by the gesture. The words, the hand-writing, the paper  – everything was so special. It made him feel like one in a million. He read and re-read the letter. All he could feel was love and gratitude for this person, who had flown into his life and made him feel happiness like he had never felt before. When he confronted Jane regarding the letter, all she said was – “I just wanted to make you happy and so I did that”.

Sam was finding it hard to believe but he had started to challenge his notions about distance and love.

Every day went by and cut a little more through the veil of his doubts. It had been just a few days, but maybe he was falling in love.


Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.



2 thoughts on “Episode 5 – And It Is Done!

  1. Hey, I read this immediately you posted, I’ve been meaning to come up here and say something but you know how life is….I always get caught up…..I’m actually thrilled that Sam decided to come over himself…how did it go?


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