The Conflicting Times

I am tired. Tired of feeling and fighting the feeling.

There are times when everything seems to be going right but your heart can’t seem to feel the same way. You need to do things, the world expects you to and so you push yourself, keep at it but inside you know it is killing you. Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint the actual reason that evokes those feelings. You try to hold on, waiting each day that it will get better. Sometimes it does but momentarily. And then it hits you right back. Hard.

These dark cloud of thoughts don’t leave my side. What do I do?


As soon as I was alone, the silence enveloped me. Like it was trying to hurt me in some way. Inching towards me, trying to pinch  its way through my protective bubble. It wasn’t a good feeling. It was like falling into a deep dark well, with black and blue waters, whose end could’t be seen.



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